Electric Cigarettes Don’t Discourage Smoking among Teens

While growing up who use e-cigarettes is more likely to smoke other tobacco products and regular cigarettes which is affecting on society.

Are e-cigarettes is just the beginning part of getting habituated of nicotine exposure?
Now a day’s public health experts are forced to think about e-cigarettes health and many debating are taking place in this topic. When a debate starts some ask question on the benefits of steering smoking towards less harmful product on the nicotine product spectrum. Meanwhile medical explore that those who use e-cigarettes are getting habituated of using all kinds of nicotine product.

The teens that are using e-cigarettes are getting addicted to smoke other tobacco products and regular cigarettes. The researchers surveyed that middle and high school students are getting mostly effected for this kinds of products.

Teens who reported ever using e-cigarettes or currently using them had a greater interest on experimenting with regular cigarettes, smoking on a regular basis, or being a current cigarette smoker. Among young people who had used tobacco cigarettes, trying an e-cigarette was linked to being an established smoker. The researchers also found that teens who used e-cigarettes were more likely to want to quit smoking the next year, but they were also less likely to abstain from cigarettes all together.

The research didn't look at whether young people are initiating smoking with regular cigarettes and then switching to e-cigarettes, or the other way around. The researchers say, “e-cigarettes aren't discouraging to use regular smoker”.

In the survey CDC showed that the percentage of middle school and high school students who have tried e-cigarettes doubled in 2012.

Many question remains to be learned about the public health benefits or consequences of Electric Cigarettes delivery systems use, the growth of using of electronic nicotine delivery is increasing to a new high by the pass of time by observing the rapid uptake among of youths shows clearly that time have come for the policy maker to act quickly and show their work which they are capable to do to stop the growing rate of teens, who are coming towards tobacco or nicotine exposure.

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